Electronic Literature What I SEE

25 02 2008

Although the work is a commendable artistic literary expression, the reader or user may find it hard to appreciate. Why? Well..their just not used to it. it’s unfamiliar territory. An anthology is usually a collection of short stories or poems by mulitiple authors in print form; Electronic Literature however is an abstract work the user must explore. Digital Literature is just beginning to evolve, and users dont seem to know what to think of it, but if users dive in and give it a try they are destined to find the experiencing rewarding and if not they can at least take away a deep appreciation of the different authors and their unique visions.
Electronic Literature’s page is very busy; sixty works organized artistically side by side with the user navigating where they start and where they finish. The works are very different some satire, others games,creative nonfiction, Electronic Literature contains multimedia elements such as flash, shockwave, etc. The only similiarity seems to be the works are all in Electronic form, but the means of expression and digital tools the authors use to express their ideas are very different. Electronic Literature has the potential to keep the user busy for hours. Some may find it best to start at the work located on the top left hand side and end at the bottom right to simplify their journey through this unique anthology. But, do not expect to finish just expect the journey.

In Nio by Jim Andews the first work on the top left hand side the user finds himself searching for patterns to build a song to the sound of his making–interactive, busy,challenging! In the middle searching, devouring, exploring seconds, minutes, hours turn into days. Some of the works are scary; others pleasing to the heart. Some easilly understoond others require a journey to understand. Some interactive requiring the user to play along, others the user doesnt play only watchs the author express their messege. Finishing the work; hmm! Not like the last page of a book! No. Electronic Literature doesnt end!