Thinking and the Internet

18 10 2007

                 The internet has given us the ability gather information quickly on almost any topic. Before the internet, it was much more difficult for the average person to spread or gather information. Factually based arguments are now often solved by simply looking up the answer online. Previous mediums which spread information quickly and to large amounts of people were filtered.  T.V. stations chose what memes they want to spread and which they didn’t. Now, there is no filter and have access to the ideas of many others. As a result, our minds are exposed to many more memes than ever before. This has created a much greater diversity in the ideas, beliefs, and sub-cultures of society.

                       Although the internet gives the potential for people to develop more well thought out ideas and analyses, the opposite is sometimes the effect. The internet can allow people to spend more time analyzing facts than searching for them. The internet, however, also gives people the ability to simply take the ideas of others without research into them. When people get used to simply being able to look up an answer to a problem, their problem solving abilities suffer. 

The internet has also given people the ability to narrow their search down to where they can find the specific thing they are looking for quickly and move on without further research into the topic. The internet tends to give people the ability to know a little about everything without having to know a lot about any one thing.

David Case



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