Internet Thought

17 10 2007

The Internet has most definitely changed the way people think and act. People don’t use libraries anymore. They use Google. They don’t do actual research, they let search engines do the work for them. Eventually computers and applications like Google will tailor what information each person gets depending on their own tastes and what interests them. But how will people ever find any new information? How will they go past their own boundaries if they stick inside of the technology “box.” This form of getting information would lead to knowing totally useless facts that tailor our own interests. How useful to know only what you want to. People would become content after knowing some dumb left field fact and be basically computer zombies. A walking database of crap!

I talk to a handful of friends everyday who speak “leet.” They actually say “lawl,” “wtf,” etc. This shows that the Internet shows how we interact and our responses to certain things. People who had never used the Internet would actually use a correct word, not some anagram that can be comprised of numbers as well as letters.

The Internet is an amazing thing, it has changed the way we think and act. But is it for the better. Has limitless information out weighted our former hardworking, less lazy selves? This is all up for speculation and whether you side with technology or side with humanity.




One response

19 10 2007


Why do we need to choose between “technology” and “humanity”? Technology is humanity: fire, metallurgy, writing, agriculture, architecture . . . these are all technologies. Without technology, we’re just upright, relatively hairless primates.

–dr t

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