Internet Thinking

17 10 2007

I believe that the internet changes the way people think. In a positive light, we have learned to multi-task and be more efficient. A lot more people can do multiple things at one time on the computer. We can read articles, emails, instant message, and eat lunch all at the same time. People have learned more technical ways to do things using the new technology that never ceases to upgrade and improve everyday.

In a negative light, the internet has limited us to really exploring and researching subjects and other matters. Rather than reading books and other materials, we can use the internet. We can read entire novels on the internet, and while we read our favorite novels, we can instant message and play our favorite game. Other than academic matters, the internet can narrow our mind in that we if we chose not to, we wouldn’t have to leave our homes ever again. Nowadays, we can shop for clothes, shoes, and even groceries. Anything can be purchased and delivered through our online system which can be accessed with the click of a button from our comfortable beds.

Without the internet, we would be much more long winded in doing things, but with it, we have learned quicker and faster ways to do things that were once difficult. Internet has its pros and cons, but I’d rather live with it than without it.




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