16 10 2007

The internet has most definitely changed the way people think. With just a few clicks we are able to access the information we want and need. We do not have to go through a lot of books, newspapers, or other information resources because the internet has it all. However, should we rely and always use the internet? Just because it is easier and less work, we should not always rely on it. We should use our minds and let it think outside the box to come up with the answers. Nowadays, we just “google” it and the answer is right there. If we don’t know the answer to something, just “google” it!

The internet has made it really easy to find the information and it has to changed our way of thinking, but that’s not necessarily bad. True, we should also use other resources, but internet is more convenient since it is everywhere nowadays. Some people just like for things to be easy and within reach and the internet does that.

Sandy Phetsaenngam




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16 10 2007

its true that getting info from the internet is definatly the easiest way, and i totally agree that this is partly because the internet is made so readily available. even if you dont have a computer you can walk into any library or cyber cafe to gain internet access. the idea of internt the cafe is also an interesting idea to me, because it shows that the internet is so much more than a means of information. it has been totally engrained in our society, and popular culture.

16 10 2007

We live in an “Information Society” now.

–dr t

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