Internet and thought

16 10 2007

I was listening to a favorite talk radio show last week and they were having an argument that was similar to one we were talking about in class and it brings up a good aspect of this question.  Is the internet making us smarter or lazier?  I think that it is doing a good job of both.  We definitely think differently then we did before it, because we had to.  Finding out information was much harder, whether you are talking about scholarly information or what movie you want to go and see tonight.  So now finding information is easier and really the average person doesn’t have to remember anything.  You may know more, but do you remember it all?  A person that wants to know more and be more educated has access to anything at all that they want to know, but people that aren’t worried about knowing things or making themselves smarter can now skate through life much easier.  So really we could all be smarter because of this, but are we? 

I think that one of the biggest ways that the internet and technology in general has impacted us is in the way that we communicate with each other.  You used to have to be forced to know things and know how to communicate with other people.  Now you really don’t have to.  You can e-mail someone for information instead of calling.  You can look up information online instead of going to a library or asking a proffessor.  This all makes life much easier and I as I was search online this weekend for places for my friends and I to go skydiving I was wondering to myself, “If there wasn’t the internet I would have to call everyone of these places before I knew anything about them.  That would suck.”  But the convenience of it has allowed us to often stop communicating verbally with each other.

-Mary Laing




One response

16 10 2007

The issue of the Internet making us “smarter or lazier” seems to define “smart” as “knows lots of facts.” But facts don’t equal intelligence (if they did, we would have lots of very intelligent computers).

Intelligence has to do with what we do with the facts. Facts are the starting point, not the end result.

–dr t

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