16 10 2007

I think the most significant change that the internet has brought us is the example we discussed in class which was research.  While academic research has been drastically changed by the internet, even everyday research has been made much easier for everyone.  Whether you want to see when the next big action movie comes out, or if you need a quote on car insurance, the internet can give you the information almost instantaneously.  another way that the internet has changed the world is through communication.  In just the past 4 years since i have graduated from highschool i have been able to keep in touch with people via facebook and myspace that i probably never would have seen again if not for the internet.  even people that i havnt seen since elementary school and middle school have gotten in touch with me.   

Devon Hill




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16 10 2007

I have a similar example. My family lost touch with our relatives back in Poland in the 1950s. A few years ago, I wanted to trace my genealogy, but found very little information online about my family (Taciuch is an uncommon name).

Then, the small town where my great-grandfather was born got internet access; the local grade school put its students online, and I found dozens of Taciuch’s. And they found me as well. It turns out, the family still lives on the same land, in the same town.

I went to visit them last year. It simply would not have been possible with the Internet.

–dr t

17 10 2007

The same thing with me. I sometimes googe my last name (Phetsaenngam) to see what pops up and I find a (very) few of my relatives since the internet is not as widespread there. It is interesting to see what pops up and what they are doing now.

I have become addicted to Facebook and since it came up and it is cool to see my old classmates as well. I guess you can say I am a “stalker” on Facebook, haha.


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