I think the Web Changes The Way We Think

16 10 2007

The World Wide Web did not merely add something to our culture it has changed everything–the way we communicate, read, study. Information is now at our fingertips. The days of trecking off to the library every time we need a book or other  information seem to be coming to an end. The Internet is speeding everything up. We no longer have to write a letter and wait three days for a reply; we just send an email. We need more information on a topic or simply need a definition to a word; we dont go hunting we google it! Quick, fast, and easy.

Another big change is Anyone can add to the World Wide Web. It isnt reserved for scholors, and authors–anyone can exist on the Web and share there thoughts, ideas, and theories. This is a dramatic change. The platform for creativity is enourmous allowing everyone to self actualize at a faster pace. The Web is stepping in and serving in roles that used to be performed solely by newspapers, television etc. The World Wide Web provides the platform for Convergence which is taking place right now. 

The World Wide Web is allowed us as a culture to evolve at a rapid pace, especially the economy, the World Wide Web offers a microeconomic forum that was not available in the past. The Long Tail theory explains this process.

Henry Jenkins, an expert on convergence, said, “The grassroots communities of fans, bloggers, and gamers are playing an active role in documenting, analyzing, predicting, and responding to media change, operating alongside of and in many cases, doing a better job than, traditional sites of learning and research.”

The World Wide Web isnt just changing the way we think; it is changing everything. No other media forum provides immediacy. The World Wide Web allows us as a culture to seek out exactly what information we want and get it. This is the key that allows our society to evolve and individuals to self-actualize at a faster pace.




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16 10 2007
Christina Mennella

Forgot to sign Christina Mennella

16 10 2007

Very good post.

Other media do allow immediacy–a public speech or debate is quite immediate. But the reach of a traditional public speech is physically limited.

23 01 2008

Nice site 😉

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