Week 7

15 10 2007

Has the Internet changed the way we do things?…

Of course it has!! I remember when I was in the seventh grade and our teachers were just starting to figure out that they had the Internet in their classrooms. One of the teachers I had, chose me to figure out how to wrangle this new found technology into a working and accessible shape. I had no idea how to do it, all I knew was that ESPN  had a website and I wanted to get there so I could look at sports while at school on the teachers computers. I couldn’t figure it out. But that was my first experience with the Internet, sort of.  The whole concept to me at the time was mind boggling, to have at my fingertips fresh information about the sports world was totally awesome. I could get scores from late games, and get the schedule for the games that day. I could learn of transactions of players and teams, I had even heard a rumor that you could listen to ESPN Radio online. I didn’t know how, but that was pretty cool to think that I could listen to something without an actual radio.

Today, that possibilities are even greater. “Google it” has become part of our vocabulary. If we don’t know something we look it up on the Internet. Hard-copies of encyclopedia’s are hard to find these days, why? Because I can search my question on the Internet and get twice as much information in 3.85(I don’t know how long, just took a guess) seconds then flipping through a dusty old encyclopedia. 

Looking back on that experience in the seventh grade to what I have learned today is amazing. Email, IM, Chat, Text, News clips, Archived News, Worldwide News, etc. The list could go on and on, the world being the way it is, that with the ever revolving door of technology who knows what will be able to do next. I could give suggestions but they probably have already happened, and I am just unaware of my capabilities on the Internet. So I will continue to be that seventh grader who slowly comes into an understanding of what the capabilities of the Internet really are.

W. Scott Williams




2 responses

16 10 2007

I hadn’t thought of this until I read your post: I haven’t seen a print encyclopedia in 10-15 years. A weird “a-ha I remember them” moment–imposing multi-volume tomes taking up a full row on the bookshelf.

–dr t

17 10 2007

Your post made me think about the first time I encountered the internet. It’s crazy to think that what we once thought of as a new and amazing technology is now so commonplace we almost overlook it at times. But it’s pretty cool to have those memories, it’ll be like when my mom tells me about not having TV, then getting it and the difference between TV then and now.

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