4 10 2007

What is the proper definition for “hypertext” and an effective one?  Everyone, has their own personal views and opinions.  I feel that effective Hypertext should be portrayed with all websites to help the visitors/guest ability to enjoy the website and not get frustrated while viewing it.  Meaning, how easy are your links to find and be visible.  Do your font colors clash with your background image/colors, is your font readable, size of the font you are using, and so on. You want to be able to attract your visitors, while still having your own originality and creativity.  Basically, if a page is too hard to navigate or understand people may just give up and not care about trying to exploring your page. 


My first initial thought was that “Stained Word Window” was an effective hypertext.  The main page basically gives you a description of the page, some kind of direction and what your computer should have to be able to run the hypertext.  In my eyes that is very helpful and useful to all visitors trying to understand their website.  I thought it was very neat that on the left side there was an image that in a way looked like a puzzle/graph.  While scrolling over the text the right side of the page would pop up with different definitions.  The right side would also have additional links that were readable and visible that when clicking would bring you to a different “stained word” from the window and you would just be going kind of in circles.  On the bottom of the page in white font it would have “back to” and than the anchor linked to take you back to the very beginning (homepage).   


I also felt that “Firefly” was a decently effective hypertext.  As soon as you came to the page there was some flash work done on the left side that got my attention.  On the main homepage it gave you an intro to what “Firefly” was a tale.  Later on it gave the descriptions of some requirements on the computer you were using to be able to see/use it, which was to have Flash 5 or a higher player.  At first, I wasn’t sure what I should be clicking to get to the next page or enter the image on the left side.  I basically, started to scroll the mouse around the page and scrolled it over the word “firefly” which was located on the bottom right hand side of the book image and it morphed to another image that I clicked on.  I felt that this hypertext was very effective because it totally caught my eye, was easy to navigate and was an enjoyable website.


Effective hypertext means what?  Well, a page needs to be enjoyable and not frustrating for the visitors/guest.  Color’s cannot clash with the background making it difficult to read because than it is just hurting our eyes to even attempt to try to read your page.  Don’t forget that you want your originality and creativity but also need to remember that that yes, this is your page but you will be having guest/visitors viewing your page.  How are they going to react to your page and will they figure how to work the page?




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