Effective Hypertext?

2 10 2007

There are things that I enjoyed in each of the hypertexts. With Hejirascope, what was intuiging was the mystery that lied in the next screen, but with that it could possibly make the user frustrated by not knowing where they are going. This hypertext really depended on what you were looking for in a website.

Firefly was good. It was easy to navigate, easy to read, some of the colors did not contrast well with the background. But in a literary sense the text was easy to read and to understand. Design wise, it could use some help to make the colors and design work more to its benefit.

Stained window was good, but once again as soon as I felt like I was gaining an understanding of where it was going, it slipped through my fingers and I had to start all over.

Vniverse, was the most fun and interactive of the hypertexts. There were many ways to look at the text. You could type in the number, you could move your mouse over the star to read the main point. Then to dig deeper all you had to click on the star again. Poetry is not really my thing, so the literary text didn’t make all that much sense, but the ease of obtaining the information was the best compared to Stained window and Hejirascope. Vniverse was the most fun as a hypertext. The colors were sometimes hard to read but overall the text was easy to read.

W. Scott Williams




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