Effective Hypertext

1 10 2007

Literary hypertext has many advantages compared to literary texts. It can add more information to it by the many layers that can be built on top of the original text, allowing the content to expand. For example, it can give meanings to what certain words mean, while you can’t do that to a lit text. To have an effective hypertext it has to be user friendly and that can be done through navigation and design, and content. As well as having good content, the design should be easy to manuever. Nothing pushes the audiences away more than bad navigation. I chose two sites, Vniverse and Hejirascope as two examples of a user friendly site and non friendly site.

The first thing the sites should do is capture the audience. I thought this was done well by both sites and the navigation really helped it. Vniverse had great interactions with the many constellations. As the mouse moves or click over a “star,” these hypertext would lead to more information. It was simple to use as all you had to do was roll or click over the star. Hejirascope captured my attention as knowing that there was a time limit, it kept me on my toes. Each screen would allow interaction as you get to pick what screen to go to next.

The two sites had similar formats for their contents. Each held a bit of interesting information, poems, or story. It would mix up the content so people did not know what to expect as they click on different hypertext links. These contents were detailed and would sometimes have links to other sites.

A site is good if it is user friendly. If it wasn’t and people got deterred from it, how will people know about it and what information it contains. As you pass the step of getting the audience’s attention, you move into the content and from there work the navigation to make it easy for the users.

Sandy Phetsaenngam




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