An Effective Hypertext

30 09 2007

I have recently begun to understand what an effective hypertext is, after class discussions, and especially after creating a hypertext site of my own. There are thoughts and considerations that you have to include when creating a hypertext. I think that the most important thing to consider when creating a hypertext is making sure that it is readable. What is readable? I good sized font; not to large to covey “screaming” and not to small that the content is unable to be seen. One thing that I learned while constructing my own hypertext is that the font and the background color have to be contrasted; one is lightly colored and one dark. In this case, the font will be brightly seen against the background. I also learned to not make the background the same color a previously-clicked link. This will make the link disappear into the background and hard to find if the reader wants to re-click the link.

I think that an effective hypertext should also have some type of multimedia incorporated into it. This will keep the audience interested. The pictures and sounds could related to the content of the text in order to give the audience a visual of the occurring events or discussion. You could also use java or shockwave to cause the text or pictures to move back and forth or across the screen. All of these things can enhance your hypertext.





One response

1 10 2007

What if the author wants the previously clicked links to disappear? That is, the author could choose to make the link invisible, to make a point (as in Hejirascope–on the all black page, the links are invisible only because they are also black).

–dr t

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