27 09 2007

i think the first necessity for a hyperlink page is obviously for the links to work.  However, it is just as important for the page to grab the readers attention.  making a page interactive can also grab the readers attention and draw in other viewers.  by far the most interesting page i have seen is the “firefly” poem. Not only is it asthetically pleasing, but the links are easy and interesting instead of tedious and frustrating, like for example hegirascope or stained word window.  however firefly is still somewhat randon.  typically the reader will know where the hypertext is going to take them.  if the reader clickes on a link that says “click here to learn about butterflies”  chances are that link will lead to information on butterflies.




One response

1 10 2007

OK, so links have to be predictable. But what about surprise? Surprise is important in literature, so is it important to hypertext literature?

–dr t

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