Week 3 – Hypertext Annotation

14 09 2007

The text I have chosen for the hypertext annotation was taken from the Project Gutenburg library. It is a novel called “A Hero of Our Time” by Mikhail Lermontov. The excerpt I am using is posted on my mason website.

I chose this text because it was a reading assignment in another class I am taking this semester, English 438 – Continental Novels in Translation. I just finished the work for my other class, but I think using it for this assignment will help me get an even better understanding of it. The short excerpt used in this assignment comes from the last chapter of the book, called “The Fatalist”. It is the final word the reader gets on the main character, a Russian soldier named Pechorin.

The author, Mikhail Lermontov, was a famous Russian poet who was killed in a duel, very similar to one that takes place in this novel. That makes the Fatalist chapter even more important in that the concept of fatalism and predestination is connected to the fate of the author, who wrote a scene which he later experienced in his own death.

Brian Howell



One response

17 09 2007


Is there a reason for centering the text?

–dr t

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