13 09 2007

Christian A. Costa

When reading Hegirascope several different occurrences popped into my mind and MADE me think of what Hegirascope really was. A poem? Well any work of art written can be deemed a poem due to it’s nature and the writer/reader. A diary? If Hegirascope is a diary then we have only one writer, that couldn’t be it. To me it was a Manifesto. It struck me as a manifesto because of me. Hegirascope is open to a varying degree so therefore it is open minded and seen in the readers eyes. We choose what to read and what courses we take through the Hegirascope so it shapes our own experiences with it. I say a manifesto because a manifesto is a public declaration of principles and intentions. Manifestos are often political in nature. When reading I read about dropping the A-bomb and what I believe was a government agent failing in his mission. ” I can agree that when we discussed the control the Hegirascope left with us feeling in power and the control we had in our hands. Because it is so random yet our click to the Hypertexts are predictable because of who we are. Maybe it was just me being a hippie and listening to Pink Floyd but every text of the Hegeriscope that was a part of a story coincided with the choices I made before that one, and fit to the song “Dogs” of the Animals album. This left me predicting what would be next and even linking similarities between different pieces of the Hegirascope. I also will admit I had no control at all. Yes I got to click where I would go next however I was not always right and I was thrown into a world I was not expecting. If anybody remembers the “Rick Roll” joke youtube video then you’ll remember you couldn’t get away with it. It would quote lines from this terrible song, in pop ups that you could not get off your screen until you finished the song. Hegirascope while immensely interesting unlike Rick Roll, I couldn’t if I tried to tear myself away from it like the Rick Roll video. I HAD to find out what happened to that “agent.” I wanted to read more about the father and son and the talk of the atomic bomb. I stuck myself in front of my computer screen. Reminded me of the pop ups, where if you click one there are a million more you have to click until you finally admit defeat and turn of your computer. Hegirascope left me wanting more and at the same time churning my stomach to the soundtrack I put together for it.




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