12 09 2007

   I agree with what we discussed in class, about how the hegirascope makes the reader very aware of the  controle they have while they are surfing the web, but perhapse it also shows us how little control we often have.  Nowadays most people have pop up blockers, but just a few years ago you couldnt navigate through a site without getting 15 adds shoved in your face.  you never knew when they were coming, and you never knew who they were coming from…but you knew they were coming.  Sound familiar?  i hadnt thought about pop us in quite a while until i saw hegirascope.  for some reason when i saw it pop ups were the first thing that popped in my head.

    Also, we have all caught ourselves innocently cruising through cyber space, maybe just checking out what google has to offer.  Say your looking for a present for your niece, you type in pretty pretty princess and BAM! hardcore porn!  Hegirascope reminds me of this, because while a circumstance like this may seem random, it is not.  Just like the internet is not random, and neither is the hgirascope.  While it seems very randon, each link goes to a certain site, and that link will always go to the same site, because that is how the author designed it…just like the internet.

Devon Hill




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