11 09 2007

This website really confused me. When I click on the link from the textual media website, my first instinct is to click on begin. When I do this, the screens change from screen to screen and the words don’t flow together; there’s no story line that I can follow and I get confused. I just continue letting the screens change until it comes to a point where there are certain links. Again, I have no idea what these links might mean or what they are linking to, but of course, I click on them. I tended to choose the link that I related to the most. For example, I would choose “turning and turning,” “no jay,” and “shaken.” I felt like those words related to my most recent life experiences. When I proceeded through the website, I had no idea what the short stories on the screens had to deal with. They didn’t even flow together. Of course when I reached the black screen, I would definitely click on the link that said “do not click here,” just being rebellious and curious as to what exactly would happen. But of course, it would just lead to a new screen and new links. Sometimes I would allow the screen to change by itself thinking that it would link me to the next screen that related to the previous, but it didn’t.

After about 30 minutes, I remembered that there was a link on the “main page” that said “introduction,” so I decided to go back and click on that link. Maybe there was something that I didn’t read that would explain why I wasn’t understanding the way this site was set up. I read the introduction and learned that this was a fiction story. I guessed that the background colors of the screens had something to do with following the story, but it is impossible to go through all the slides and read through all the stories because it would take hours. I think that Moulthrop designed this site purposely to confuse people. Not only confusion, but I was interested by my curiosity. I kept clicking and reading because I thought that somewhere and somehow I would reach the end or be able to complete a story. This never happened, but the site and changing screens kept me on the site.




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