11 09 2007

This was an interesting website as it lets you interact a little bit. While it lets you interact, you don’t know what part of the story you are going to next as the links takes you to different pages. As it starts, the statments that are shown are already out of the ordinary. It talks about the end of the world and I do not know many people who think of that so that caught my attention right away.

As I go into the stories, sometimes (mostly not), the story would be the same, but if I clicked on the “wrong” one, it would start off on another one. I encountered a lot of the dream stories and “Drivers.” It got a little confusing as the stories were not in place. I think some of the challenges is finding and connecting the pieces of many stories together. I got too overwhelmed with the multiple storyline, so I stuck to the two (Drivers and dream stories) and although it was kind of hard as it took a little time to get back to those stories. With the dream stories, there were a lot of death and bodies involved, which kind of gave it a creepy feeling (http://iat.ubalt.edu/moulthrop/hypertexts/hgs/HGS241.html). Some pages were very descriptive of the shrilled bodies. The dream stories were somewhat lighter as some of the stories would be about what dreams were and how it felt to be in one (http://iat.ubalt.edu/moulthrop/hypertexts/hgs/HGS115.html). Other dreams are of hope that their loved one was back, or about being in love and sharing it with someone.

This was a very different and a little difficult read. It shows how technology has allowed interactive digital reading to people. The bright colors were a little hard on the eyes and the fast pace made it hard to read, but after awhile it is interesting to see what would pop up after the click. So all in all it was a challenging experience.

-Sandy Phetsaenngam



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