11 09 2007

I liked hegirascope. The automatic moving to different pages made sense in connection to the first page “what if the word will not stay still.” At the same time, I thought the constant motion was distracting. The links, however, I liked. Each page tended to correspond in some way to its link, but there was still no way to tell what kind of page the link would take you too. I liked the surprise of not knowing what was coming next. One of the pages mentioned  that in order to understand the internet as a medium, one should focus on the links instead of on the contacts. The chaotic form in which the hegirascope is formed seems to be more important than the stories. One of the main recurring themes in hegirascope, other than the internet, were dreams. Dreams are not necessarilly completely non-sensical but they often lack common logical connections, which is the case of hegirascope. The internet is in a sense surreal, and lots of surreal imagery is used in hegirascope. One of the stories titled “your agent called,” was filled with “facts” many of which did not correspond to each other. The internet is place where one can find a particular piece of trivia and move on to another one. Overall, I think it would,ve been better if the pages did not move automatically. Other than that, it was prett interesting.

David Case




One response

12 09 2007

You wrote: “The chaotic form in which the hegirascope is formed seems to be more important than the stories.” That’s pretty much Marshall McLuhan’s “The medium is the message” in action.

And dreams–some neurobiologists believe that dreams are basically meaningless neural firings, and we “make sense” of them after the fact (we wake and think, “what was that about?”

–dr t

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