Hegirascope: Week 2

10 09 2007

I enjoyed Hegirascope a great deal. I found the speed of each web-page to be a very interesting challenge. It took me a few screens to get used to the speed of the program. With each new screen I found myself struggling to read all the information and the links and try to figure out which was the most intelligent or interesting choice. I believe that the lack of one true path is one of the major themes in the program. While exploring the program I encountered many different plot lines and many different paths. One recurring theme I noticed in the many different plot lines was the possibility of almost everything. One of the links, (http://iat.ubalt.edu/moulthrop/hypertexts/hgs/HGS048.html), talks about a dream in which the dreamer has a remote that will transport him anywhere in the world in an instant. I believe this story is meant to show the way this old dream has come true with the capabilities of the Internet. Now every person with a computer has the ability to basically go anywhere in a sense in that instant the dream describes.

When beginning the program you are hit with many screens that say vague comments that can confuse the reader. Things like, “Where your going there are no maps,” and, “Where have you been in the net today?” When  looking at these statements it prepares the reader for a journey that will be a strange one, and deal with the internet. The seemingly endless string of options and different stories ties directly to a person’s daily trips around the web. Personally one of the most enjoyable things about this program was how it reminded me of the ways my daily Internet sessions that lead from link to link in a possible endless journey of different objectives.

-Dan Cinalli




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12 09 2007

Yes, we are “surfers.”

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