Hegirascope: Week 2

10 09 2007

Reading “Hegirascope” was interesting, but very difficult for me. The two stories that I got intertwined with were “The catalog of dreams” and one about a drive up I-30. Whether those stories were meant to be mixed together remains still a mystery to me. I enjoyed the stories and the jumping back and forth but what created the most anxiety and anger was the fear of not being able to get back to those two stories. Because of that fear I would click back and make sure that I stayed with those two stories. Maybe that is part of what Moulthrop is trying to achieve with this. My fear became his control to tell me where to go and what to read, just like when looking at an internet site and following the links to where the site administrator or sponsor wants you to go.

During the time of reading the test it was really hard to keep up with the text. Maybe I am a slow reader and that contributed to my difficulty of reading the stories but I felt that I couldn’t quite the understanding. I felt that as soon as I got close to getting closer of a story or thought the new page would lead me to somewhere else. It was like getting the full joke, but not getting the punch line. This was written in 1998, and it seems that he understood where the internet was going with links and moving pages. Having the moving pages is what the internet is all about today, if you can get people to move pages and still read them you are in good business.

Moulthrop’s “Hegirascope” although interesting, caused some frustration and a desire to not invest any more time in it. I recognize the pure genius of the project but have a hard time being entertained by it.


W. Scott Williams




One response

11 09 2007

The links on this website seem to be neverending–plus the pages need to be refreshed every thirty seconds. I constantly became frustrated trying to finish reading a peice only to have to refresh it when I was near the end. Some of the pages were nothing more than a boring read but others were strong with affirmations. Another little quirk adding to the frustration –the essay titles never seem to match the essay. Luckilly there is an index of particulary interesting readings. I clicked on an link entitled Oral Sex where I find a essay that isnt about oral sex, so I click to my left on a link entitled Spume and I am brought to another essay entitled Curtis Lemays WebWorkshop where he claims the Internet is a tool of war to prevent communism. I love conspiracy theory–but just as I come to the end of the page I have to refresh it, and finally I have found a page I want to refresh and finish reading!!

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