hegirascope post

10 09 2007

I have to be honest and say that this site was both interesting and scary to me at the same time. The entire thing is interesting because after a close look, there are actually several stories being told. Although I only get 2 or 3 slides of the story to make any sense, these 2 or 3 slides are still related in some way. Also, this site is a little scary because honestly it reminds me of an insignificant movie I saw about ghosts, or something else meant to scare, living in a computer and on the internet. The cryptic way the different slides and hypertexts are worded give me the scary thought that some big, bad ghost is living in this computer right now and moving the slides for me as well as subconsciouly guiding me towards the next slide.

As for the slides themselves, the first 8 or so with the black background, yellow text, and no links to click on, make a little bit more sense than the following slides. They seem to introduce the site by letting me know in a vague way that I need to get ready for a fast moving, unpredictable ride. At first I tried to make some sense out of the text, but eventually I was more involved with simply clicking on them and trying to find a connection between




One response

10 09 2007

I felt very similar to the way that you felt when reading this story. You see those first pages, and you feel confident that you can handle this type of story, and then you get going and you struggle to understand what is happening.

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