hegirascope: a trial in eye strain

10 09 2007

Well, I would have to say that I did not spend the adequate amount of time needed for this assignment simply because about seven minutes into the experiment I developed a severe headache looking at the screen, I went back and tried again after the headache had sedated and it came right back with a vengeance. This then onward severely colors my commentary of this work.

I have never been a person for abstract art. And yes I do feel as though this was not a real work of text or of literature, but more of a piece of abstract art that may have a message, but for the lay person or the uninterested will look at for about five minutes and pass over. I agree with Aubry in that I think that at least deep in the mind of the writer they knew this entire project was going to really piss some people off. Whether it be from not understanding the story-line or lack there off, or the bright and sometimes terrible contrast of colors.

Many passages that I looked at just made me want to read more and the choice of links often left my unsatisfied and frustrated with the construction of the work. I think that is my overall opinion of it as well. A trial in frustration, though, I think that it has its place, as does art. At least some people understand, and love what is being offered, as is the nature of all art.

This piece just wasn’t for me, if for only the fact that I went as far as I could in the storyline and now I write this, barely able to read the screen. Excuse me while I use a ascii face to demonstrate how my eyes feel. ~_~

Favorite page?

Bonnie Brumbeloe




One response

10 09 2007


At least the all-black page doesn’t hurt they eyes, eh?

(Make sure you sign your posts. And since this is online, go ahead and link to the page–you can make the URL active by typing in the html code, or by using the link widget in the post window toolbar.

–dr t

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