6 09 2007

This hypertext is very interesting, to say the least. It reminds me in many ways of a Ray Bradbury collection of short stories, except–amazingly–harder to decipher. I didn’t actually know what a hegira was, so I looked it up and it’s a flight from danger. This definition is interesting when compared with the hypertext. Many of the themes that I noticed were related to fear and uncertainty. A general feeling of oddness blankets the whole thing.

The first theme I picked up on related to the world being on the edge of a new age. There were several references to space and the ocean, both of which are open spaces of which humans know very little about. This can be connected to unknown areas of the internet and technology. Outerspace, the ocean, and cyberspace are all strange to humans; our bodies do not operate the way they do in our normal land-occupying reality. This theme of out-of-body experiences or purely mental happenings was another that arose several times throughout the hypertext.

I found the whole thing to be amazingly absorbing. It was reminiscent of television channels flipping repeatedly. I know I only picked up on a few of the many themes that were explored and I would like to know more about the project.





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10 09 2007

I’m very thankful that you looked up the definition of the word “hegira”. When I read it the site made a little bit more sense to me and I agree that many of the slides featured feelings of “fear and uncertainty”.

10 09 2007

Television is the theme of an earlier hypertext by the same author (
The Color of Television ).

“Out-of-body” is a good term to use in discussing this, since “embodiment” (or lack of it) is one of the issues he’s dealing with; hence, “our bodiless hegira

–dr t

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