4 09 2007

As a consumer, I am a fan of being able to easily reproduce art. One main advantage would be that a copy would be much less inexpensive compared to the original of a work of art whether it is a painting, a photo, or even a music cd. Also, a reproduced work of art is more easily accessible than an original. For example, if I wanted a wallet size copy of a famous painting for a presentation, I could easily find it on google and print small copies to paste onto posterboard. Reproducible art is great for those who are curious and may not have enough money to purchase an original, but want to be able to admire, study, or learn from it.

 From an artist’s point of view however, being able to freely reproduce my work of art is a horrible idea. I would hate to think that all the hard work and time I put into a painting, photograph, or cd can be mass produced in someone’s computer with just two clicks of a mouse. In this regard, this kind of reproduction does devalue the work of art. I understand how it loses that “aura” or uniqueness that can only be found in an original. Furthermore, I realize that the problem of having my work reproduced would simply get worse the more popular and in demand my work becomes. At this point, I think that I would feel like my work was no longer mine.

 The pros and cons of reproducible art are both significant. I think I would argue that for the sake of the artist and his or her work, the cons outweigh the pros. However, I don’t think this is something that can be stopped. As soon as someone finds a way to reduce reproduction, there will be another person coming up with a new way of doing so.

-Aveeda Goyanko




One response

5 09 2007

Isn’t there some way to reconcile the consumer’s and the artist’s perspectives?

–dr t

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