reproducible art

3 09 2007

From what I understand about art, it is meant to be seen and shared amongst the public.  Artists produce their version of a masterpiece to put on display.  The interesting thing about art is that each original piece that is created is unique.  For example, if Leonardo Da Vinci never painted the Mona Lisa, it never would have been painted.  Each artists unique characteristics are why i think they deserve quite a bit of credit, and this is also why the issue of reproducible art is a difficult subject for me to tackle. 

It would seem that modern artists would be happy that todays technology would make the work so easily accessible to the public.  However it is understandable that they would want to profit off of the distribution of their work considering that without the artist it never would have been prouced.  So how do you make both the artist and the admirerer happy?  Actualy i think we have a pretty good middle ground right now.  Music and movie downloads on the internet became a problem a few years ago, but programs such as itunes and various movie downloading sites make downloading both easy, and leagal.  consumers seem to be happy and the artist is still getting paid.  As far as cd’s and dvd’s are concerned, changing technology will eventually make both of these devices obsolite, thus eliminating the current problem of burning movies and music.  Eventually any new technology will as easily copied as cd’s and dvd’s, but the inevitable arrival of new technology will once again temporarily remove this problem.  i think that as long as the current trend continues, both consumers and artists will be happy. 

Visual art is slightly more complicated.  Admitidly i am not very familiar with the way photographers, painters, sculpter, and other producers of fine art do business.  I do however know that there are ways to protect images on websites.  a friend of mine started a site for independent artists and he found a way to keep their art relatively safe from reproduction.  Obviosly the method is not fail safe, but it helps.  he also offers the artists prints for sale in his online store.  to me websites like this seem to be an emerging artists bestfriend, but then again im not an artist, so i wouldnt know

Devon Hill




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4 09 2007

Yes, musicians and writers should be able to make a profit from their work. But most do not. Publishers get most of the money. Musicians make most of their money touring; writers by giving lectures and readings.

–dr t

6 09 2007

You make a good point about the problem that we face now with most people being able to download and copy cds and dvds. It is true that while this is a problem now, someone out there is devicing a new way to listen and watch media which would make cds and dvds obsolete. Once that new way is initiated I’m sure someone else out there will find a way to copy that as well. All of this really is just a big circle where everyone tries to outsmart each other while not at all thinking of how the artist must feel about the situation.

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