Reproducible art

2 09 2007

I have a live version of a Shania Twain and Bryan Adams duet on cd. Every time I hear this song, with the audience clapping in between, I find it humourous. But that’s not all. I also enjoy listening to it more than the cd recorded version. Reproducible  art, whether its video, pictures, music or painting has its pros and cons.

For instance, a copy of the Mona Lisa might be good enough if you enjoy the painting but as an art lover, the feelings you would have if you were standing in the Lourve looking at the original are quite different. There will always be a diference between reality and something reproduced.

To me, its the difference between seeing something come alive in front of your eyes and then seeing something copied later. It’s just not the same. You lose the moment…reality is just different. I’m not saying it’s always better, I just think that its different. If I couldnt be at a concert, I would still love the video or cd of the concert but if i could see a tv show or movie being produced in person, I would also enjoy it more.

In my opinion, both are great options and the fact that the choice between two is available just makes it easier to get exactly what you are looking for and what you want.

Aleena Shakeel




One response

3 09 2007
dr t

Isn’t a copy of the Mona Lisa real? That is, it actually exists, just as the original in the museum exists.

If I imagined I owned the Mona Lisa, but really just had a postcard, that woiuld be a distinction between reality and something else.

–dr t

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