Reproducible Art

2 09 2007

There are many advantages to the ability of reproducing art that technology has enabled.  The most important part of the ability to reproduce is that digital medias have made the reproductions exact replicas of the original work.  The fact that music, videos and pictures can be reproduced over and over again without diminishing the original work makes getting those art forms out to the masses much easier.  Music is a great example of this.  There are catalogs and catalogs of great music that exist.  The internet and digital technology make all of this music much more accessable to everyone.  Listening to new artist or even older material is much easier now then it has ever been and what the user is listening to is the same quality as the original.

I myself prefer to listen to live music over recorded music, but technology has even helped me out as a listener to live music.  Many of the bands that I listen to have open taping policies and allow their live shows to be recorded and traded.  Many of these bands have had these policies much longer than the internet and digital technology have been in regular use.  The tapes were traded in a much slower fashion and amongst only those that knew specific tapers.  Now after a show tapers can upload shows onto the internet and they are instantly accessible to all of the fans.  I much prefer to go to the shows and be within the moment and there are elements in these tapings that are missing.  There is no exact recreation of being in the moment, but it is great to be able to come home and have the show instantly available to me.  It is the closest thing to actually being at the show again.  It is also nice to be able to listen to a great show that I may not have been able to get to.

So the technology of reproducing music digitally has creatively done a lot for the music industry by making listening to and trading music easier.  I can sit at my computer and have endless possiblities of studio and live music to listen to.

-Mary Laing




2 responses

3 09 2007


You do know about the Internet Archive’s audio collection, right?

–dr t

3 09 2007

Yes. I am an etree junkie! There are a few others out there, but this is always the first place that I look for shows.

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